Our Story

I started Doing SEO back in 2010 when my very first website that I had been successfully running since 2005 failed after a Google update took me off the first page and reduced my revenue by 80%. It was catastrophic and what was even worse was I never saw it coming.

I took the beating and learned from it. I learned Search Engine Optimization that is, all the way down to the T. I started out helping a few small businesses that were struggling to stay afloat and we were able to take them from barely surviving into thriving businesses.

That is when I realized that I had a passion for helping small businesses succeed. It made me happy to see people who were paying thousands in advertising dollars for worthless ads that only brought in 2 or 3 clients a month to a business that literally had to either turn away business or hire new employee’s.

That is when I decided to start my own Agency but I knew that I couldn’t help everyone and that is when Welvis SEO was born. Ever since then I have been helping businesses grow their online presence every month. Now we are taking it to a whole new level with our easy to follow SEO Course. 

Let us show you how to optimize your website to drive more customers to your business each and every day.

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